Woodlite illuminates the sauna beautifully from between the wooden grate.


Sauna lamp Woodlite gray surface installation


Product description

Introducing the Woodlite Sauna Lamp: Elevate Your Sauna Experience with Finnish Elegance

Experience the enchanting allure of Finnish sauna design with our all-new Woodlite Sauna Lamp. Designed to enhance the ambiance of your sauna, this stylish and modern lamp is crafted from gray wood, combining the rustic charm of nature with a contemporary touch. Whether you reside in the bustling city or the serene countryside, the Woodlite Sauna Lamp is the perfect addition to your sauna oasis.

Key Features:

  1. LED Light Source: Illuminate your sauna with the eco-friendly and energy-efficient LED light source. The Woodlite Sauna Lamp ensures a warm, inviting glow that's perfect for relaxation.
  2. Surface Mount: Installing this lamp is a breeze. Its surface mount design allows for easy installation, so you can enjoy the sauna's warm glow in no time.
  3. Compact Size: With a small and unobtrusive design, this lamp seamlessly fits into any sauna interior. Its unassuming size complements the overall aesthetic while providing a cozy ambiance.
  4. Ecological: Crafted with a strong commitment to sustainability, the Woodlite Sauna Lamp is made with eco-friendly materials, ensuring a responsible choice for your sauna decor.
  5. Beautiful Indirect Light: The unique light panels of the Woodlite Sauna Lamp offer a soft and indirect light that envelops your sauna in a mesmerizing and calming radiance.
  6. Lighting Customization: To suit your preferences, a more powerful transformer and a whiter 4,000 K light source option are available. Tailor your sauna atmosphere to your desired level of relaxation and comfort.

The Woodlite Sauna Lamp is now available for purchase in our online store. Elevate your sauna experience with this charming lamp and immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance it provides. Order now to bring the essence of Finnish sauna design to your home and indulge in a truly serene sauna experience.

Made in European Union

Designer: Pertti Suominen

Product details

  • LED power: 4 Watts 
  • Luminous flux: 400 lumens, 350 mA power source 
  • Light color: 3,000 Kelvin, warm white 
  • Voltage: 230 VAC/ 9 VDC 
  • Lifetime: LED 36,000 hours, 105 C 
  • Protection class: IP 44 
  • Material: Hardwood 
  • Width: 220 x 220 mm 
  • Height: 70 mm 
  • Additional accessory: Led light source, light color 4,000 K white 
  • Additional accessory: Led transformer 7 W, 700 mA, 750 lm (with this transformer + 90% more light output) 
Contents of the package: 
  • WOODLITE sauna lamp and silicone cable 5 m with quick connector 
  • Transformer with quick connector 230 VAC/ 9 VDC 
  • Mounting screws 
  • Installation instructions

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